Working from home decreasing strength in relationships

Is this pandemic forcing the end of offices? Will the forced ‘working from home’ mentality harm team culture?

A crucial part of a thriving, living, face-to-face workplace is the cultural development. It’s impossible to have a great, fun, thriving culture when people are all scattered around the country (or even overseas), some sitting on their couch with their laptop & some are sitting out on their back porch. That’s not the way culture is developed. And that’s not the way a team can grow stronger. It’s remarkable the resilience that people are showing in these days, and how they’re adapting & how they’re working remotely. But going forward, when we come out of this challenging time- the crucial factor for a culture to develop is the human interactions. That’s the spontaneity, that’s the energy, that’s the team vibe. That’s why people become great. This is what companies are going to need more than ever. Companies will be working on culture in their business, and I think there will be a renewed interest in it from all stakeholders, from the team members, to management, to shareholders. There will be a cultural journey, a much stronger sense of why we need to be together, how being together is what made us great, and what we learnt out of periods of isolation. This is going to be critical for businesses going forward. Workplace design is going to be central to that – building on everything we have learnt. Moving forward, our design teams have been looking at how some of the solutions we have been using to create acoustic mitigation, or if you like, ‘sound hygiene’, can these also be used as part of reducing the spread of infection. How can acoustic mitigation strategies decrease the spread of infection, including everything like the typical common cold to the more serious coronavirus strains (COVID-19) that we see today.