Will workplace play a part in resetting economy?

Is this pandemic forcing the end of offices? Will the workplace play a part in resetting the economy?

When we come out of the other side of this pandemic, the physical workplace is going to be so important for the economy to get back on its feet, delivering value, and delivering the consumer needs. There will be a reset in what people put a primary value on. There will be a renewed appreciation for things that are manufactured in Australia. There will be renewed appreciation of what & who we are in our local communities. All these sorts of things will be strengthened & the workplace is going to lead that, coming together with the support of technology. There will be the opportunity for many to work from home, especially in reactive roles, but we will find there will be a certain physical coming together. This will be critical for the economy to roar when we come out of this. The pent-up needs & the pent-up commercial realities will mean there will be massive opportunities when we come out of this on the other side.