How does being part of a team impact global economy

Is this pandemic forcing the end of offices? How does being a part of a team impact the global economy?

There’s a lot of parents, and single parents with children, that are in the workforce either full time or part time. There’s a different level of thinking, deep analytical skills, and empathetic style that is brought to the workforce by primary carers. They assist in decision making, and the speed of trust in organisations. Without these workers coming to the workplace (physically being there & being inspired by their team mates to contribute) there are massive benefits that would be missed out on. They create value as well as being fulfilled themselves. If these workers were only allowed to be in the home, with the home environmental triggers, it’s impossible for them to perform at the same level as they were when being inspired by a team. It’s imperative that we don’t lose the ability for someone that is a primary carer to come to work – and be apart from their other family roles – to deliver massive benefits to the company and the global economy.