How did Wayne find the Team ICON project speed?

Yes – I Would Love To Have A Fast But Compliant Project Timeframe!

Well thanks again for inviting me here today, on behalf of ICON, we are here in the finished headquarters, HQ, for Sweeney Real Estate. We have done 14 offices, we’ve done I’d say beginners fitouts, but this is the bee’s knees

It’s been such a success, the team at ICON are just like military precision, the team are coordinated and everything is set in place with a daily running sheet, and everything happens on time, I was just blown away – all the people that I’ve dealt with in real estate over the last 42 years. Especially with trades people that will let you down at the best of times. But your team are just incredible. Nothing is a problem; if there’s an issue – its fixed. If something needs to be readdressed, or you’re not happy with its fixed. It’s just been a wonderful process. Really good

Absolutely, there is no one else to recommend. No one else. With you being specific to this part of the industry where you organize all the council permits, all the behind the scenes things, and so forth that a normal person can do, and it takes 6, 8 12 months, VCAT, the whole lot. Whereas you just ease the whole process, which is included in the whole package, it’s just brilliant.

But this is the headquarters, this is my future, this is just Rolls Royce, this is the fit out. I’ve checked out other jobs you’ve done, other real estate agents, my good friend Jeremy Fox over at RT Edgar in Toorak, also the corporate headquarters for Jellis Craig in South Yarra, and I’d like to say this is better than those!