Barry Plant Keysborough

Throbbing with energy at Barry Plant Keysborough! The dynamic trio Chee-ky Dunlop, Tim Stickley & Cameron Davison are thrilled to announce the transformation of their amazing new offices. The super fit trio who thrive on working hard & have fun along the way, were pleased to partner with ICON INTERIORS to equip their vibrant team with everything they needed to kick vendor results up a gear in their new office space. Promoting a culture of care for clients, the team, and the wider community, the new hub at Keysborough with its ‘heart of the home’ central staff kitchen and breakout, has equipped them to excel further. Even more excited to come to the office each day, the vibrant team are best prepared to deliver excellence for their clients.

“We have worked with Gavin and the team at ICON INTERIORS for over 10 years, and can highly recommend their service, communication and workmanship.  Good team, excellent to work with.  ICON INTERIORS worked/design/constructed a 400sq real estate office, a 120sqm real estate office & tweaked an old shop for us and each outcome was exactly to plan and to a high quality” – Cam Davidson