Are your Lawyers able to perform at their best?

Yes - I would like to my Lawyers to be able to achieve their best!

The legal industry has very specific workplace requirements, including acoustics & sound transmission for privacy and confidentiality.  ICON INTERIORS have 16 years of experience in transforming law offices from dated, inefficient & unpleasant to modern, user friendly & awesome to be in. A good acoustic strategy is key to ensuring clients feel safe in the environment, enabling them to discuss their matters without fear of being overheard.  The Design Team use multiple methods with an overarching strategy to perform the correct sound blocking & sound absorption combination to provide the best possible acoustic privacy.

Design & Layout is also a key contributor to acoustics & to useability. Using best practice methodologies and industry knowledge from working with many, many law offices, ICON INTERIORS can create for you a highly functional office that will assist you with both attracting & retaining the top lawyer talent and top clientele. Staff Retention is a wide-spread struggle, and physical environment is a huge part of that. Creating offices to ensure the team want to be present at not only improves employee satisfaction and ownership of their personal space.  Team ownership brings a stronger loyalty toward their job & drives employees to actually want to come to work – in today’s work-from-home shift.  The proof is in the pudding, resulting in a stronger culture of collaboration between staff, driving productivity and osmosis, and hug reductions in staff absenteeism & presenteeism.

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