Are you a Café or Restaurant Manager?

Yes - I Would Like To Makeover My Cafe Or Restaurant!

What better time to refit your café or restaurant than now?
Lockdown (although inconvenient!) is providing the perfect opportunity to strike while the iron is cold. As COVID has forced a period of calm on to most industries, Café & Restaurant owners now have a once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) chance to transform their café without being disadvantaged compared to your competition or losing revenue that you otherwise would have garnered. This is the silver lining to the pandemic cloud!
TeamICON love working with cafés & restaurants and have a particular interest in managing the acoustics of the space. A recently completed example is Wyndham Cache Café which was originally a deafening eating space to be in. Tiled floors and plaster & glass walls made for acoustic mayhem! We applied a number of different strategies to make the space acoustically pleasant to be in no matter the occupancy number.
Our designers love to work on cafés as we can create a haven of visual magic which will attract customers now & into the future!

Give us a call today to learn how your Café or Restaurant can be a wonderful dining experience for your clients!