Australian Migration Settlement Services

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“It has been absolute delight working with you and your team. You have indeed transformed the place and we thank each one of your team members for the wonderful job.” - Susan Chandy

Australian Migration Settlement Services

Australian Migration Settlement Services understand the importance of a having a home base you feel contented and inspired by.  Relocating into the heart of Melbourne CBD, this expanding business desired a workspace where clients facing difficult relocation challenges would feel a sense of welcome and calm.  With this brief the design team reimagined the old shopfront and utilised the science of organic materials in workplaces to create a peaceful environment for clients and staff members alike.  Natural timbers and plant life throughout conceal ample built in storage units and enhance the serene atmosphere of the space, while soft colour reflected in chair legs and pendant lighting throughout creates a sense of levity and whimsy throughout.  This successful consultancy firm is already experiencing their workplace transformation in action setting them up for future growth and success in their smart and professional workspace. 


Thank you, Gavin and the team for the wonderful job. Truly amazed at the transformation of work space. You are professionals and ongoing support is very much appreciated. God Bless your work! Susan Chandy AustMSS

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