We are an interior space engineering studio, achieving the extraordinary for our clients.

We do this by genius space utilisation, strategic building code insight, and the structural science of people performance.

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ICON proprietary Force Multiplier™ process & outcome:

Using the proprietary Force Multiplier™ methodology, we leave no square inch unturned, cracking the hidden code that is latent in every project space.

We create self-propelled environments that drive a high and ongoing return on investment for the organisation. We mastermind and construct your work space so that it becomes the body language of the organisation.

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Interior Design Experience Creators & Fitout

Designing Medical & Workplace people centres for nearly 2 decades, Icon Interiors is a people centric creative studio. Coming out of times when the future of the office has been in question, the increasing value of the office is as People centres not simply Task centres.

Whether it be Medical Clinic design, Commercial Workplace design, or Interior design, the human need to be with one another is as fundamental as it ever was to long term wellbeing, talent renewal, and the organisations culture & growth.

Icon’s commercial interior designers and workspace engineers create magnetic and vibrant environments. Inspiring environments that become the environment of choice, so that your people would not choose to be anywhere else. We work closely with our clients for office space design only, or office fitout design and construct.

Innovative Workspace Design

Icon is an in-house studio that produces extraordinary and rapid client outcomes. Utilising proprietary and proven methodologies we create high-expectation and mission-driven environments, where your people will thrive and align with the revenue objectives of your organisation. Our multi-disciplinary studio is across all aspects of building code compliance and provides fast-tracked permit approvals to remove delays and ensure client insurance eligibility and peace of mind.

We establish every square metre to yield a validated return on investment, creating a high expectation environment that feeds ongoing energy and innovation, so it becomes a self-propelled environment. Be it an office or medical fitout, this is where a company's ROI becomes many times over.

The Science of Space Design & People

The science of performance-based interior design, creating staff enrichment through a sense of being part of something that is much bigger than themselves.

We utilise the 5 Well-Being Principles™ behind the science of design to create zone-intelligent visual and physical performance cues, which energise and revitalise the people.
Going well beyond first impressions, Icon Interiors create sustainable and performance-based spaces, positively engaging physiological responses in your people and clients. Icon’s people and activity analysis, space engineering blueprint, and lean process recommendations leverage our in-depth experience of industry best practices and the science of people behaviour and performance.

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